One Affordable Solution for Your Restaurant's Website, Menu Boards and Online Ordering

No contract, no commitment!  Choose only the services you need!


No POS required, all you need is an internet connection and our online ordering solution. Easily update your menu content and pricing with our admin tools. Accept credit cards online with our partner merchant providers. It works great for delivery, pick-up or catering orders. Your online orders will flow seamlessly and deposit funds into your business bank account.


We built our website solution specifically for restaurants, we know what you need to have a successful online presence.  We will customize your website to your restaurant's look and feel .. it will look and function great on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Easily update your online menu, coupons, specials, events, and more with our state-of-the-art admin tools.


With our restaurant solution you can post your menu, specials, events, or any other content to your in-store digital menu boards. Imagine updating your online menu, online ordering and in-store digital menu boards in one place... that is what you can do with Top Restaurant Solution's digital solution.


Our restaurant solution also comes with a built-in email marketing tool. Add a sign up form to your website and collect visitors information. Whether you want to have exclusive offer club, birthday club, or any other type of sign up form, you can easily add this to your website and start marketing to your customers directly... and at no added cost.


Custom Designed Website for Your Restaurant

Restaurant Website

If you're looking for fully responsive, mobile-friendly, affordable and easy to update website for your restaurant, then you've come to the right place! Top Restaurant Solutions gives you complete control of your website with easy to use tools and powerful features. Update your menu, specials, coupons and other content easily with our user-friendly admin tool. And, if you use the built-in digital menu board and/or online ordering feature they will update at the same time. That's right, no need to update them separately, you can update all three of these in one place, and just one time.

We know that running a restaurant likely keeps you very busy and you don't have allot time to learn how to use a complicated website or online ordering system. Our easy to use CMS (Content Management System) admin tool makes updating your website and other content easier than ever. You won't need to pay a web designer every time you need an update and you will never have to wait until they have time to work on it for you. Simply log in, make the change and save it. Quick and easy!   Each of our websites has its own unique look and feel.  You choose your layout style and let us know what you would like for your graphics and your site's look and feel. We'll then customize the site to your restaurant. 

One of the many benefits of going with a our restaurant website solution is that if you need assistance we are here to help you... we will assist you with getting your menu setup, adding pages, online ordering, setting up your digital menu boards or whatever else you may need assistance with.  We want you to be successful and we will go the extra mile to make sure your site looks and functions great!